In addition to book reviews, this blog also includes the following features:

  •  Each week, on Old School Sunday, I review children's and YA books published in the 1990's or before. Old School Sunday posts are here.
  • Short Story Spotlight is where I review short stories from children's collections, magazines, websites, and other sources. Read my Short Story Spotlight posts here.
  • Easy Reader Radar posts focus on randomly selected easy readers from my library's collection and other sources. Click here to read my Easy Reader Radar posts.

  • Getting to Know... posts focus on a specific series, author, or character, providing background information and an overview of what readers might not know about it.  Getting to Know... posts can be read here.
  • Themed Thursday posts provide a short bibliography of children's and/or YA books on a topic of my choice. Themed Thursday posts can be read here, or by selecting a theme from the menu in the sidebar. Themed Thursday was retired on August 9, 2012.

  • Each month, I post about a handful of Author Birthdays. I share five facts about the author, a quotation from his or her work, and my own thoughts on the author's work. Click here to view Author Birthdays posts, or browse by author's name on the home page.

This page last updated January 8, 2013.